Image of a judge's gavel

Enhancing justice experience of sexual violence victims: a Deakin study

Deakin University criminology lecturer Mary Iliadis investigates how to meaningfully include sexual violence victims in the criminal justice system.

Image of a person reaching for a collection of books

Reading out the pandemic: escaping into the familiar and the fantastical

In times of crisis, we crave familiar stories.

Image of a person walking through an archway with suitcase

Australia’s young expats: mobility aspirations and pathways in the pandemic

Young people are re-shaping their life plans beyond traditional pathways

Image of a woman having her picture taken

Blurring the self: performing identity online during COVID-19

How has your digital persona changed during 2020?

Image of sign that reads no justice, no peace

Black Lives Matter: a movement with global relevance

The Black Lives Matter movement has continued to draw our collective attention to issues around inequality, identity, racism and the ways that institutions and individuals can perpetuate them.

Image of woman holding a #MeToo sign

From #MulaiBicara to #BabaeAko: Unpacking #MeToo movements across Asia

The movements in Indonesia and the Philippines bringing gender rights into public discussion

Image of Uluru at sunset

Making the deep past relevant to the future for the sake of all life on earth

Aileen Walsh, from Deakin University’s NIKERI Institute, on looking to the past to protect the future.

Image of silhouettes of performers

When art meets sport: actor training could help kids learn physical literacy

Sports and the arts might seem like strange bedfellows. But these disciplines have more in common than meets the eye.

Image of a video game controller

Normalising conspiracy theories: videogames, violence and the far-Right

A number of popular video games are putting stories of paranoia, anxiety, political fringes and complex conspiracies of power into the mainstream.

Image of someone under the Aurora Borealis

When ‘What if?’ becomes reality: New Deakin research group shines light on the fantastique

Beginning as a prominent genre within French literature, ‘the fantastique’ is a category of literature and cinema that has often defied clear definition.

Image of a row of books

COVID-19 and Climate Change — literature may pave the way for collective thinking

An explorative link could help us understand the role of stories in shaping selfhoods, place, and positive futures. It also might be helpful for climate change responses.

Image of a stack of picture books

Looking for families ‘like ours’: finding queer folk in children’s literature

For LGBTIQA+ families, adequate representation in children’s books is hard to come by.

Image of an empty theatre

What’s in store for creative industries post-pandemic?

The arts have comforted us in these difficult times – but the future of creative industries remains uncertain.

The Media’s role in distress

In our age of interconnectedness, access to the media is woven into our daily lives. Within hours, news can diffuse throughout the community and across the world.

Image of manilla folder with a tick of approval

COVID-19, Fake News and Fact Checking Take Off

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has a competitor, and that is fake news.

Image of high-rise building

Living outside of our homes

Families living in high-rise buildings report spending little time inside their homes, instead embracing their local environment on a daily basis and ‘living outside’.

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