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COVID-19 and Climate Change — literature may pave the way for collective thinking

An explorative link could help us understand the role of stories in shaping selfhoods, place, and positive futures. It also might be helpful for climate change responses.

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Looking for families ‘like ours’: finding queer folk in children’s literature

For LGBTIQA+ families, adequate representation in children’s books is hard to come by.

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What’s in store for creative industries post-pandemic?

The arts have comforted us in these difficult times – but the future of creative industries remains uncertain.

The Media’s role in distress

In our age of interconnectedness, access to the media is woven into our daily lives. Within hours, news can diffuse throughout the community and across the world.

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COVID-19, Fake News and Fact Checking Take Off

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has a competitor, and that is fake news.

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Living outside of our homes

Families living in high-rise buildings report spending little time inside their homes, instead embracing their local environment on a daily basis and ‘living outside’.

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COVID-19: a global snapshot

As it continues to spread around the world, coronavirus is significantly altering the global political landscape.

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How outdated is the ATAR score?

A main contributor to the confusion over how to support people transitioning into tertiary or higher education (HE) seems to be the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

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The Covidscape

We have entered the Covidscape. We are constantly consuming and being consumed by it. We are dreaming about it. We are desperately seeking moments of escape from it, if we are able to.

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Reconstructing past atrocities

Straddling the line between design and legal testimony, Forensic Architecture is drawing attention to human rights violations.

Feeding a COVID-19 Nation: protecting all worker’s rights in a time of crisis

In a period of panic-buying and empty supermarket shelves, we can’t forget about the horticultural industry that works to sustain us.

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What’s your loneliness room? Connecting humans through creative practice research

In ‘How to Treat a “Loneliness Epidemic”’, a recent letter to the editor from The New York Times, writers discussed what responsibility we have to lonely people.

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Online courses to reduce gambling-related harm

Thousands of Australians are negatively affected by gambling each year. But Deakin and the Office of Responsible Gambling NSW are working to change that.

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International Women’s Day 2020 – Celebrating women in research

In the lead up to the 2020 International Women’s Day, we spoke to Dr. Dwan Price and Dr. Tricia Ong, two leading researchers with a passion for STEMM and reproductive health respectively.

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Gender-based violence prevention education: it’s time to go outside the school-yard

How do we go about teaching respectful relationships? We caught up with Associate Professor Debbie Ollis to find out.

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If You Build It, They Will Feel

How close are we to figuring out if buildings shape our emotions?

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