Making Geelong accessible for all

We need to build spaces that accommodate a variety of needs, instead of adapting to existing design.

Red velvet seats in a cinema.

Early cinema is much older than films from the 1950s

Some of the world’s oldest films are fading into obscurity.

The ANZAC bridge in Pyrmont, Australia.

Citizenship should be a step towards multiculturalism

Citizenship in Australia has become a hot political topic; an instrument of political point scoring and populism.

A person painting some graffiti on the wall which says

How accessible is poetry: fear of the big bad word

Has poetry made a comeback?

An artist painting on canvases.

The importance of art for rural communities

Rural Australians are often subject to ‘missing out’ on many resources that people from urban areas have easy access to.

A group of people sitting around a table laughing and conversing.

Let their stories be heard

At the conclusion of World War II, over 340,000 Italian migrants fled in search of a better life in Australia.

Uluru’s climb closure doesn’t mean we can stop listening to Indigenous voices

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples share deep, ancestral relationship to the land. This is fundamental to understanding the importance of land rights for those with Country.

A chain and padlock holding a wired door together.

Zelda D’Aprano: Embracing her chains to break old ones

Zelda D’Aprano’s chain-in drew attention to the Equal Pay Campaign in 1969. But what details of this famous protest have not been so well remembered?

Three tiny homes with turf roofs in Iceland.

Micro-villages making a big impact

The 2016 census reported 116,427 people nationwide are experiencing homelessness and are in need of our support.

A basketball coach giving instructions from the touchline.

How do we choose the next coach?

The coaching merry-go-round is in full swing, as both the AFL and NRL reach the climax of their respective seasons.

A crowd of people in the Forbidden City, China.

China’s social credit system looks distinctly dystopian

China is currently trialling its social credit system, where citizens’ trustworthiness is measured using points.

Geelong takes the lead in its commitment to design.

As Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong is not used to being on the top spot.

Blocks at Berlin's Jewish memorial.

Holocaust survivor testimonies informing how we respond to terror

When an act of terror occurs, we look to the future to ease our concern.

New horizons for mental health care in Kenya

To address the gaps in Kenya’s mental health literacy, we must start by educating health care workers.

An audience sitting in a movie theatre.

The importance of gender equity on screen

There is a gender divide in the film and TV industry, as is the case for many workplaces. Dr Amanda Coles is working to change it for the better.

Ocean clouds as seen from space through a NASA satellite.

Indigenous perspective lays out a path to save the planet

A new book could help challenge the complexity of sustainability and climate change.

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