A young woman wearing sunglasses holding shopping bags in both hands.

Clothes maketh the man: re-imagining our role as a consumer

In 2016, Australian households spent a total of $666 billion on general household living costs.

The inside of the Metropolitan Opera House, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, USA

Breathing new life into performances of the past

How can 3D digitisation be used to preserve the history of opera?

A portrait of three young boys from the Solomon Islands.

Better humanitarian action through a diasporic lens

Pacific Island countries are among the most vulnerable in the world to natural disasters. These communities require our support, just not the traditional kind.

The ANZAC bridge at sunset.

From past to present and back again

Frequently we think history is incapable of making an impact on our lives now; a distant experience lived by our injudicious ancestors. We are wrong.

Karri Saarinen presenting at Nordic Design

Public speaking, a good kind of uncomfortable

Sometimes it can feel utterly impossible to place yourself in a position where you have to speak in front of people.

A camera operator operating a video camera in black and white.

The future of the Australian film industry

Could this be the end of Australian film?

An aerial view of houses in a suburb.

How can you enter the housing market?

For young adults searching for a home in Australia, the idea of owning their own place may feel like a pipe dream.

From Ta Moko to tramp stamps: why we choose to get tattooed

Whether you’re fully inked, have the beginnings of a sleeve or get a little bit anxious around needles–tattoos have a rich cultural significance that continues to grow today.

Friends sitting by the fire on a wooden log in the woods.

The evolution of storytelling

From exchanging tales around a campfire to writing powerful and problematic manifestos; telling stories is a fundamental part of our society.

Goals set before New Year’s Eve are more likely to succeed

Forget New Year’s resolutions–setting clear goals during the year is the way to go.

The supertree grove at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Solarpunk sounds awesome, but what is it?

In an age of environmental destruction, a new sub-genre has emerged.

Making Geelong accessible for all

We need to build spaces that accommodate a variety of needs, instead of adapting to existing design.

Red velvet seats in a cinema.

Early cinema is much older than films from the 1950s

Some of the world’s oldest films are fading into obscurity.

The ANZAC bridge in Pyrmont, Australia.

Citizenship should be a step towards multiculturalism

Citizenship in Australia has become a hot political topic; an instrument of political point scoring and populism.

A person painting some graffiti on the wall which says

How accessible is poetry: fear of the big bad word

Has poetry made a comeback?

An artist painting on canvases.

The importance of art for rural communities

Rural Australians are often subject to ‘missing out’ on many resources that people from urban areas have easy access to.

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