Geelong takes the lead in its commitment to design.

As Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong is not used to being on the top spot.

Blocks at Berlin's Jewish memorial.

Holocaust survivor testimonies informing how we respond to terror

When an act of terror occurs, we look to the future to ease our concern.

New horizons for mental health care in Kenya

To address the gaps in Kenya’s mental health literacy, we must start by educating health care workers.

An audience sitting in a movie theatre.

The importance of gender equity on screen

There is a gender divide in the film and TV industry, as is the case for many workplaces. Dr Amanda Coles is working to change it for the better.

Ocean clouds as seen from space through a NASA satellite.

Indigenous perspective lays out a path to save the planet

A new book could help challenge the complexity of sustainability and climate change.

Taylor Swift's reputation album on a desk.

Artist and their labels – who owns what?

What kind of rights do artists have to their own work?

A black and white image of a crowded subway station.

Anthropology should be a household word

The challenges of the 21st century demand an antidote to “fake news.”

A silhouette of a person standing amongst a 1000 yellow lanterns.

The role of spirituality in health

Research says that engaging in faith practices has the potential to promote good mental health.

A group of people walking across the street.

Building a world for humans, with humans

Not all research is created equal. Or so some ministers in government would have you believe.

A red moon set against the black, night sky.

Over 50 years of lunar fascination

The 20th of July, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing.

Country press survival the focus of newly-funded research project

Researchers from the Alfred Deakin Institute (ADI) are investigating the civic future of Australia’s rural and regional media.

Coming face-to-face with our colonial gaze

Traditional custodian and proud Wadawurrung woman Deanne Gilson is determined to tackle this gaze head on.

The Times newspaper showing the recent rates of the economy.

Interest cut leaves cash rate dangerously close to zero

A re-elected Coalition government must act decisively to stimulate the Australian economy.

Winnie the Pooh book surrounded by flowers with green leaves.

Children’s literature, not so simple after all

Children’s literature is often dismissed as simplistic and rudimentary.

black and white cityscape of Tehran, Iran.

Australia could help reduce tensions in the Persian Gulf

We could step up and be a force for peace.

open sign in a door for a shop

The big picture for small business

SMEs make up 99.6% of all private companies in the Australian economic environment, so why do business schools tend to only look at capital markets?

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