Country press survival the focus of newly-funded research project

Researchers from the Alfred Deakin Institute (ADI) are investigating the civic future of Australia’s rural and regional media.

Coming face-to-face with our colonial gaze

Traditional custodian and proud Wadawurrung woman Deanne Gilson is determined to tackle this gaze head on.

The Times newspaper showing the recent rates of the economy.

Interest cut leaves cash rate dangerously close to zero

A re-elected Coalition government must act decisively to stimulate the Australian economy.

Winnie the Pooh book surrounded by flowers with green leaves.

Children’s literature, not so simple after all

Children’s literature is often dismissed as simplistic and rudimentary.

black and white cityscape of Tehran, Iran.

Australia could help reduce tensions in the Persian Gulf

We could step up and be a force for peace.

open sign in a door for a shop

The big picture for small business

SMEs make up 99.6% of all private companies in the Australian economic environment, so why do business schools tend to only look at capital markets?

girl standing in front of wall saying for women

Groups unite in tackling STEM image problem

In Australia, only 16 per cent of STEM graduates are women.

Children practicing Taekwondo on the beach at sunset

Dancing to a different tune – arts bodies step up

How can you put a value on the arts?

girl covering her face with both of her hands

But where do phobias come from?

In the right circumstances, seemingly harmless objects can become a source of debilitating anxiety.

woman measuring with a ruler on an orange plastic mat

Superstar smashes STEMM stereotypes

Twelve years into a successful STEMM career, Dr Ellen Moon now knows it’s not necessarily a lack of interest that stops women becoming scientists.

Tree stump with its black barks being shreded

Fires, floods and the economic fall-out

Droughts, bushfires and floods may be part of Australia’s history but it’s economic research that’s preparing for the future.

Elderly man sitting on the shade staring at the beach

Raising retirement age could harm worker health

A study reveals that postponing pension access also could delay the beneficial effects of retirement.

Tiffany Walsh beside glass window containing chemicals

Leading women in STEMM – Professor Tiffany Walsh

In the field of computational bionanotechnology, Professor Tiffany Walsh is an internationally-renowned figure.

Julie Owens smiling and crossing her arms

The view from the top

When we first talk, Professor Julie Owens is officially just over two months into her role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research.

Person holding their phone on twitter with coffee

Social media – not just for selfies and memes

Within minutes of using a platform such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s possible to interact with people living all over the world.

Spiderman reading a book while on a wall at sunset

The loneliness of science fiction

Can science fiction provide new insight into the human condition?

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