Protecting small mammals after fire

After the tragic bushfires that tore through Australia, researchers at Deakin are wondering how best to protect our most vulnerable animals after the disaster.


Reptiles – Farming and Biodiversity

Reptiles – Farmland and Biodiversity from Disruptr on Vimeo.


Consumer spyware and its effect on domestic abuse

Spyware has the potential to reveal personal and sensitive information from an individual's phone.

A keyboard lit up in red neon.
A keyboard lit up in red neon.
Image of a wetland. A river runs through the middle of the image, surrounded by grass and reeds. A green hill rises like a mossy wall in the background, set against a cloudy but blue sky

Holding the key to a ‘secret weapon’ against climate change: Prof Peter Macreadie and the Blue Carbon Lab

Professor Peter Macreadie is leading research into a little-known but incredibly potent natural process to sequester carbon emissions.

A bird's eye view of a wetland. The blue green water collects in puddles on dusty red earth towards the right, and to theft is a thicket of green trees

Ecosystems are key to success of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

A new paper from Deakin University argues that the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework must include a goal for sustaining ecosystems.

Image of Deakin's microgram. Several solar panels lie in rows on dry grass

Deakin’s renewable energy microgrid aims for carbon neutrality by 2025

The solar farm helping Deakin reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Image of a pair of hands holding a sapling

Recognising how Indigenous knowledges can create sustainable futures

Deakin’s Indigenous Knowledges Systems Lab is a space where Indigenous practitioners can apply their thinking and systems to different contexts around the world.

A djandak wi (“Country fire” or “healthy fire”) burn on Dja Dja Wurrung Country, Victoria, in April 2018. Photo courtesy of Timothy Neale  

Building equitable partnerships with Indigenous people, starting with future bushfire management

The research  seeking  to  understand how bushfire management partnerships benefit  the  social and ecological resilience  of  Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.   

Image of the Great Barrier Reef

Carbon treasure revealed at Great Barrier Reef 

The Great Barrier Reef’s enormous potential for climate change mitigation through its catchments’ capacity for carbon storage has been revealed in a world-first study led by Deakin University.  

Image of coffee beans

From grew to brew: study seeks to build coffee industry sustainability

Business supply chain experts are seeking to make our daily coffee more sustainable on an industry-wide level.

Image of a Cockatoo

The disease putting Australia’s parrot populations at risk

Beak and Feather Disease Virus can impact the health of Australia’s feathered friends.

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