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The range of ways we can meet have has dramatically increased. Is human connection undergoing change?


How to better support post-study visa employability

As of June 2019, there were 91,776 international graduates on the temporary graduate visa in Australia.



Knowledge you get from being in the world.

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The Northern lights captured against the night sky.
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Making all play accessible for all children

Deakin’s AllPlay program is creating an inclusive environment for all kids.

A djandak wi (“Country fire” or “healthy fire”) burn on Dja Dja Wurrung Country, Victoria, in April 2018. Photo courtesy of Timothy Neale  

Building equitable partnerships with Indigenous people, starting with future bushfire management

The research  seeking  to  understand how bushfire management partnerships benefit  the  social and ecological resilience  of  Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.   

Image of a building in Iraq

Understanding Heritage Destruction across the  Middle East 

“The destruction of cultural heritage in the Middle East is unprecedented in human history, and what is lost can never be replaced, some of which is over 4,000 years old.”

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Ensuring the future of quality rural journalism 

Researchers from Deakin University are seeking to ensure  the  future of high quality, local journalism in rural and regional Australia  to enhance democracy and the social fabric of communities beyond the metropole. 

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The dinosaur, the chameleon and the beaver; responding to change

To survive the modern business environment, we need to learn from our natural history

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Making it easier to employ refugees with a user-friendly guide for Australian employers.

A new guide encouraging employers to hire humanitarian migrants and those seeking asylum.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and ageing migrants’ digital lives

As the global health crisis continues to put a strain on people’s everyday lives, the Australia’s ageing migrant community have turned to digital means to stay in touch.

Image of woman clutching her hair in distress

Coercive control is a key part of domestic violence. So why isn’t it a crime across Australia?

Psychological abuse and controlling behaviours can be apparent before perpetrators murder their partners. So let's take these coercive behaviours more seriously and make them a crime.

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