The Coupe Utility – or simply, the Ute – is known for its strong, fluid design. But it’s also a Geelong invention that significantly impacted car manufacturing in Australia and beyond.


100 jobs of the future

What jobs will be created in the future that don’t currently exist?


Powering our future: the current state of battery manufacturing

It's time for Australia to recognise its role as a renewable energy super power.

Image of an eclipse

From space missions to social distancing: managing mental health on Earth and Mars

How do astronauts support their mental health way above the stratosphere? And what can this tell us about treatments back on Earth?

Image of smartphone with emojis of people wearing face masks

Contact tracing apps cause for privacy concerns

The COVIDSafe app could help us with contact tracing during the pandemic. But concerns around data collection have many Australians balking.

Image of virtual reality headset

Water and fire: Virtual reality enhances work and training

When we think of virtual reality, we may find our thoughts turning to video games. But VR has many other interesting and valuable uses in our world today.

Image of a stack of books

Navigating the ‘new normal’ for back to school starts at home

The ‘new (back to school) normal’ is now a reality for many Victorian students, and support from home is crucial in this transition.

Image of children kicking a soccer ball

‘Wearable tech’ could transform how we teach children motor skills

In 2020, the motor skill proficiency of many children in Australia is very low. But three research groups across Deakin University have collaborated to revolutionise just that.

Image of batteries

The Future of Energy with Professor Michel Armand

The Institute for Frontier Materials is working with pioneering researchers to further our lithium battery technologies. That includes the ones in our electric vehicles, too.

Image of a robot hand

The brave new world of firefighting bots

With the rise of robots, the mechanical shuffle of automated colleagues around the workplace may be a not-to-distant future.

A person making a card payment by tapping on a square payment machine.

Swipe, tap and touch – what the future of transactions looks like

The days of having a wallet full of ‘pineapples’ and pocket or purse bulging with silver and gold coins are quickly disappearing.

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