Heat’s on for boron nitride

Research could lead to the development of faster computers and overcome some of the safety issues caused by overheating.

How your jeans could save your knees

Recycled denim could have surprising uses in health care, water filtration and battery technology, while addressing the global challenge of textile waste.

Energy storage boost for nation

A multi-million dollar ARC Training Centre at Deakin will propel innovations in energy production across the nation.

Imagining the future of Australia’s freight

The Australian government is developing a national freight and supply chain strategy.

Printed parts pass the test

Wild weather in the Solomon Islands turned 3D ‘eco-printing’ into ‘extreme printing’ for a team of researchers from Deakin’s School of Engineering.

Industry collaboration targets turbines

Carbon fibre composites are set to improve the performance of wind turbines and benefit the local and global renewable energy sector.

Audio watermark to stop data pirates

A collaborative research project between Deakin and industry aims to provide a new weapon in the fight against the illegal use of copyrighted data.

Chemical filter a leap forward for better environmental health

Deakin scientists have used cutting-edge nanomaterials to create a ‘molecular sieve’ that can be used in households.

Reducing the fuzz

A new textile treatment could make the annoying pilling of your favourite jumper a thing of the past.

Sodium batteries offer new path to clean energy future

Deakin’s world-leading battery researchers have discovered how sodium can help to create a fairer and more sustainable energy future.

Visualising the future

A collaborative project between Deakin Motion.Lab and the City of Melbourne opens up new avenues for the use of virtual reality in future planning.

Fibres for the future

Deakin researchers are engineering the next generation of wearable technologies.

ManuFutures marks new phase in innovation at Waurn Ponds

The advanced manufacturing incubator will unite innovation and job creation in the Geelong region.

Future Fuels CRC to underpin nation’s transition to cleaner energy

Deakin has welcomed its inclusion in a new Co-operative Research Centre that will support the development of technology, skills and infrastructure to deliver affordable, reliable and clean future energy.

Encouraging social entrepreneurship

Social enterprises in India have a new resource with the commissioning of the Deakin Centurion Centre for Social Entrepreneurs.

Advancing excellence

The future is bright for next-generation advanced materials and manufacturing.

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