Carbon fibre composites being spun on a wheel.

Why you should care about the circular economy.

Hint - it could help us solve our recycling crisis!

An unattended luggage in an airport lounge.

New bomb detectors to improve global safety

The world is set to become a safer place, thanks to breakthrough research.

Engineers remake Aussie icon

This revelation has left builders and architects swooning.

Woman smelling a red flower

Olfactory marketing now controlled by smartphones

Scent helps to dictate how we are supposed to feel about what is being sold to us.

Flashing lights of purple, blue and green

From little things, big things grow

Vital chemical reactions occur around us all the time - here's why we should pay them more attention.

Low angle shot of solar panels and the sky during the day

ASCEND: Road to WSC 2021 – Episode 2

Throughout this process, students will work on all facets of the project from engineering, design, to how much food they will need during the race.

Front of the Manufutures building beside grass

Accelerating into the global marketplace

How is a purpose-built advanced manufacturing business incubator changing the global marketplace?

black and white man wearing glasses and using an exoskeleton

What can’t you do with an exoskeleton?

A new generation exoskeleton can offer you a taste of super-power.

Solar panels in a grid lined up

ASCEND: Road to WSC 2021

Ideation, prototyping and everything inbetween.

Dr Jordan Beth Vincent, Research Fellow, Deakin Motion.Lab

Real world researchers uncovered

Dr Jordan Beth Vincent, Research Fellow at Deakin Motion.Lab, is helping to redefine creative arts. So what is life really like in this mind-blowing field?

Deakin five labelled world’s best

Deakin five labelled world’s best

Deakin’s academics are ranked among the world’s top one per cent of researchers in their fields.

“Auntie Ada” showcases high-tech animation and STEM subjects to girls

“Auntie Ada” showcases high-tech animation and stem subjects to girls

Motion.Lab shares the high-tech future of animation.

Is 3D printing the answer to better alloys?

Deakin University metallurgist Dr Nima Haghdadi is pursuing cutting-edge research in the field of 3D metal printing.

The healthy side of AI

What are the benefits of artificial technology in healthcare?

3D roll forming

Transport sector on a roll with Deakin technology

A breakthrough process developed by Deakin University researchers is set to reduce the cost of manufacturing super-strength products.

Derek Buckmaster

Advancing carbon fibre research

The Director of Deakin's world-leading Carbon Nexus research centre has been honoured for his contribution to Australia's place on the world stage.

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