A close up image of a person's feet standing on a weighing machine.

Dietary interventions in obesity linked to changes in gut bacteria

Our gut bacteria play a vital role in metabolism and the function of our immune system.

Black and white portrait of Professor Karen Dwyer.

Highlighting women in STEMM: Prof Karen Dwyer

Prof Dwyer is bringing her formidable energy to solving the mystery of why so many of Victoria’s rural communities are ‘hot spots’ of kidney disease.

Lifting the finger on neuroendocrine tumours

A cancer-free future is the end goal, improved tumour detection is the life-changing stepping stone.

A digital representation of the human brain.

Deakin researchers follow their gut for anorexia nervosa insight

There’s a lot of observations that people with restrictive food disorder Anorexia Nervosa notice that others may not.

Andrew Groves holding a purple pill against a purple background.

Pill testing saves lives

Pill testing is one of a range of harm reduction strategies that will help stop overdoses and deaths at clubs and music festivals.

Kon Mouzakis against a yellow background with half a VR headset on his face.

Virtual Dementia

Dementia currently affects 50 million people worldwide and is predicted to increase to over 130 million people by 2050.

Professor Julie Sharp against a purple background.

Miracle milk

Platypus milk has the potential to offer new treatments for bacterial infections that have become resistant to existing medications.

Professor Kate Buchanan holding a model bird in the palm of her hand.

Bird song signals past life conditions

Songbirds and humans have something in common that could help us better understand the impact of stress on speech and language development in childhood. 

A purple pipette dropping solution into a tray of test tubes.

Highlighting women in STEMM: Dr Vina Tan

In Australia, women comprise only 17 per cent of the STEMM-qualified population.

‘Superfoods’ aren’t all that super after all

Despite its often-quoted namesake, ‘superfood’ quinoa isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A hand scrolling through a smartphone on a black table.

Can smartphone apps improve mental health?

Targeted apps can be a great help with managing mental health, but users need to be discriminating.

New formula to predict AFL ladder rankings

Has your AFL team made it into the finals? Lack of injuries from key players may have helped. 

A mother and daughter sitting together in a retirement home.

Alzheimer’s care a daunting reality

Carers need to remember to take a break, too, for their own physical and mental health.

plates stacked on top of one another on white kitchen bench

Tackling obesity – one portion at a time

When it comes to global obesity rates, Australia ranks in the top ten of OECD nations.

Comprehensive sexuality education is fundamental

Sexuality education is a significant aspect of secondary schooling. Through it, we learn to take ownership of our own bodies.

Sausages cooking on a barbeque.

Sniffing out the past

For many, catching a whiff of a barbeque on a Saturday afternoon can conjure up memories of eating a snag on a Bunnings run – here’s why.

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