A mother and daughter sitting together in a retirement home.

Alzheimer’s care a daunting reality

Carers need to remember to take a break, too, for their own physical and mental health.

plates stacked on top of one another on white kitchen bench

Tackling obesity – one portion at a time

When it comes to global obesity rates, Australia ranks in the top ten of OECD nations.

Comprehensive sexuality education is fundamental

Sexuality education is a significant aspect of secondary schooling. Through it, we learn to take ownership of our own bodies.

Sausages cooking on a barbeque.

Sniffing out the past

For many, catching a whiff of a barbeque on a Saturday afternoon can conjure up memories of eating a snag on a Bunnings run – here’s why.

A group of women at a women's rights protest.

Abortion rates don’t go down when the procedure is criminalised

Having the choice to terminate a pregnancy gives women agency over when and if they are ready to give birth.

A wide selection of vegetables, fruit and cold meats displayed on platters.

Transforming Australia’s food system for health

In Australia, the number of adults living with obesity has increased from one in ten in 1980 to one in three today.

Food, Move, Mood – Fulbright researcher seeks link

A Deakin Fulbright researcher is set to investigate how the ways we move and the things we eat influence our mental health.

NE Victoria takes global lead against obesity

Schools, councils, sporting clubs and other community groups in Victoria’s north-east are set to become world-leaders in the fight against obesity.

Tall Poppies have big impact in ecology and health

World-leading work in the fields of species protection and obesity has seen two Deakin University researchers named ‘Young Tall Poppies.’

A new way to understand health and well-being

We are now realising that the ‘causes’ of disease are much broader and far-ranging than we thought.

Victorian primary students on the move

The Deakin-developed Transform-Us! primary school physical activity program is set to be introduced across the State.

Social isolation can quicken tumour growth

Degree of social interaction can determine how quickly a cancerous tumour grows, according to a world-first study tracking stomach cancer in fruit flies.

Can yoga calm the black dog?

Growing evidence suggests yoga could benefit adults suffering from anxiety and depression.

Surgical management of shoulder instability is successful in AFL

Shoulder sprains and dislocations are the most common upper limb injury in the AFL

New centres for world-leading health research

Promoting healthy diets and developing innovative therapies for mental illness are the focus of two NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence at Deakin.

Epigenetics: research explores policy risks

Epigenetics and the notion of plasticity have changed the way we think about human development.

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