Social isolation can quicken tumour growth

Degree of social interaction can determine how quickly a cancerous tumour grows, according to a world-first study tracking stomach cancer in fruit flies.

Can yoga calm the black dog?

Growing evidence suggests yoga could benefit adults suffering from anxiety and depression.

Surgical management of shoulder instability is successful in AFL

Shoulder sprains and dislocations are the most common upper limb injury in the AFL

New centres for world-leading health research

Promoting healthy diets and developing innovative therapies for mental illness are the focus of two NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence at Deakin.

Epigenetics: research explores policy risks

Epigenetics and the notion of plasticity have changed the way we think about human development.

IVF and the Birth of Bioethics in Australia

In the four decades since the birth of the 'test-tube' baby, the field of bioethics has been at the forefront of trying to understand what advancing biotechnologies mean for society.

Knowledge is power when it comes to better health 

Sections of the population struggle to access and translate healthcare-related information into action, a Deakin study has found.

New support for Food and Mood

Research into how gut microbiota impacts on our mental health has received a boost through a generous donation to Deakin’s Food & Mood Centre.

Re-thinking the impact of diabetes

A Deakin academic, whose Chair is funded by Diabetes Victoria, is one of 23 international experts working on a major new European Union project to reduce the burden and consequences of one of the condition’s most common and serious complications – hypoglycaemia.

Fast food companies ignoring nutrition fuels public health crisis: study

Water should be the default drink for kids’ fast food meals while kilojoules in meal deals should be reduced

Eating better a cheaper option for dealing with depression

Support for switching to a Mediterranean-style diet is a more cost-effective way of treating clinical depression.

Virtual technology: a game-changer in dementia care

A partnership with Dementia Australia has led to the use of virtual reality and game engine technology to transform dementia care.

New Institute unites health transformers

Professor Anna Peeters, inaugural Director of the Institute for Healthcare Transformation, will work to unite stakeholders to achieve ambitious goals for Deakin’s sixth Institute.

Helping farmers heal

Injured farmers are returning to work before they should and need rehabilitation support tailored to their unique work environment.

Responding to childhood obesity

Researchers are using systems science methods in the fight against obesity.

French President signs off on cancer research collaboration with Deakin

An agreement between French President Emmanuel Macron and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will see Deakin University collaborate with French research institutions and the University of Tasmania on a new international cancer research laboratory.

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