Fast food companies ignoring nutrition fuels public health crisis: study

Water should be the default drink for kids’ fast food meals while kilojoules in meal deals should be reduced

Eating better a cheaper option for dealing with depression

Support for switching to a Mediterranean-style diet is a more cost-effective way of treating clinical depression.

Virtual technology: a game-changer in dementia care

A partnership with Dementia Australia has led to the use of virtual reality and game engine technology to transform dementia care.

New Institute unites health transformers

Professor Anna Peeters, inaugural Director of the Institute for Healthcare Transformation, will work to unite stakeholders to achieve ambitious goals for Deakin’s sixth Institute.

Helping farmers heal

Injured farmers are returning to work before they should and need rehabilitation support tailored to their unique work environment.

Responding to childhood obesity

Researchers are using systems science methods in the fight against obesity.

French President signs off on cancer research collaboration with Deakin

An agreement between French President Emmanuel Macron and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will see Deakin University collaborate with French research institutions and the University of Tasmania on a new international cancer research laboratory.

Sports participation reduces fracture risk in older men: study

Playing sport may help protect men over 60 from broken bones, according to new research.

Making science real for all children

The Deakin Child Study Centre yesterday launched new facilities to support its work in making a difference in the lives of children with neurodevelopmental challenges.

Cancer risk for inbred organisms: study

Inbreeding could lead to increased rates of cancer, putting both humans and endangered animals at risk.

Diet, not genes, determines sensitivity to fat

In a study of twins, Deakin researchers have discovered that diet affects individuals’ preference for fat.

Childhood exercise: heart benefits last well into adulthood

Researchers from IPAN have shown that young hearts benefit from exercise well into adulthood.

Adolescents’ struggle: is a generation at risk?

World-leading experts on child development are calling for global action to address risk factors and improve support for adolescents.

Food companies could do better: report

The score card says there’s room for improvement in the nutrition policies of Australia’s biggest food companies.

Chasing the molecule

The potential of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool is causing universal excitement among scientists.

Sweet drinks fuel obesity gap

Children in Australia’s lowest socioeconomic group are consuming more sugary drinks and savoury junk food than their wealthier peers, leading to much higher rates of obesity.

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