Image of a row of books

COVID-19 and Climate Change — literature may pave the way for collective thinking

An explorative link could help us understand the role of stories in shaping selfhoods, place, and positive futures. It also might be helpful for climate change responses.

Image of planet Earth

Earth: one giant superorganism?

There’s no doubt that Earth is full of life, but could our planet be seen as one functioning organism?

Image of yellow ambo fish

What’s in store for fish out of water: CO2, ocean acidification, mutations?

Deakin eco-physiologist investigates the impacts of ocean acidification on coral reef fish behaviours.

Image of green hills overlooking clear water

Would Earth be better off without us?

The environmental damage caused by humans – and its consequences – have been explored in stories for decades, and continue to be discussed today.

A plume of smoke hovers threatening all around. Farmers, transport, people all grind to a halt as the unpredicting flames make their own way through the dry outback.

Drought, bushfire, flood, hail, and dust: local action the way forward for sustainability

Australia recently experienced unprecedented bushfires, affecting people’s health in many of its major cities and destroying homes and lives.

A woman sitting on a bench looking over the landscape.

Down to Earth: how climate change affects our wellbeing

How do humans go about saving the world? Well, fear might not be the answer.

A broken flip phone with a smashed screen.

The problem with e-waste

Our old phones, computers and TVs can be recycled. But our e-waste keeps ending up in landfill.

The landscape on fire.

The bushfire crisis, it’s time to act now

Does Australia have any hope of avoiding devastation on this scale in the future?

A young wmoan biting into a green apple as she gazes out of a window.

Eating our way to a more sustainable future

With only 10 years remaining to limit the effects of climate change, we need to prioritise sustainable practices in our daily lives.

What is climate change doing to the soil?

Climate change could be harming the thousands of microorganisms living within our soil that work to keep the earth healthy.

From sea to shining sink; carbon-storing making waves

With atmospheric carbon emissions (CO2) on the rise, it’s time to discover the groundbreaking potential of “biosequestration”.

A discarded plastic water bottle floating in the waves at the beach.

One giant leap for microplastics

Sometimes, in the enormity of the global climate emergency, we forget about the importance of the small stuff.

Australia’s recycling is a shambles – here’s what we can do about it.

Australia’s recycling system is not as effective as it needs to be.

How to reduce your environmental impact this Christmas

With the festivities comes excessive waste that can have detrimental effects on our planet.

Professor Euan Ritchie wearing orange against an all orange background.

Dingoes could help fight extinction

Since Europeans arrived in Australia, at least 34 native mammal species have become extinct.

A forest falling apart

The Amazon rainforest houses over 1 million different species. In 2019, countless fires have devastated the area.

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