A broken flip phone with a smashed screen.

The problem with e-waste

Our old phones, computers and TVs can be recycled. But our e-waste keeps ending up in landfill.

The landscape on fire.

The bushfire crisis, it’s time to act now

Does Australia have any hope of avoiding devastation on this scale in the future?

A young wmoan biting into a green apple as she gazes out of a window.

Eating our way to a more sustainable future

With only 10 years remaining to limit the effects of climate change, we need to prioritise sustainable practices in our daily lives.

What is climate change doing to the soil?

Climate change could be harming the thousands of microorganisms living within our soil that work to keep the earth healthy.

From sea to shining sink; carbon-storing making waves

With atmospheric carbon emissions (CO2) on the rise, it’s time to discover the groundbreaking potential of “biosequestration”.

A discarded plastic water bottle floating in the waves at the beach.

One giant leap for microplastics

Sometimes, in the enormity of the global climate emergency, we forget about the importance of the small stuff.

Australia’s recycling is a shambles – here’s what we can do about it.

Australia’s recycling system is not as effective as it needs to be.

How to reduce your environmental impact this Christmas

With the festivities comes excessive waste that can have detrimental effects on our planet.

Professor Euan Ritchie wearing orange against an all orange background.

Dingoes could help fight extinction

Since Europeans arrived in Australia, at least 34 native mammal species have become extinct.

A forest falling apart

The Amazon rainforest houses over 1 million different species. In 2019, countless fires have devastated the area.

So, what is a wetland?

Defining a wetland is a difficult task, even for scientists today.

A misty rainforest located in Cairns, Australia.

What must be done to prevent further extinctions?

Current legislation is failing dismally to recover the population of species lost to bring them out of their endangered states.

An image of the globe with a part of it as dry desert and the word

Nature is collapsing – what must we do?

Deakin experts call for more action to save nature before it’s too late.

A birds eye view of an ice capped landscape.

Conservation policy works for endangered ecosystems

We hear quite a bit about the conservation of threatened species, but what’s being done to save the ecosystems they live in?

A Great White Shark in the depths of the ocean.

Are we invading the ocean?

And can sharks and humans truly coexist?

A man, woman and child planting a plant in some soil.

Dreaming of a future worth living in

We often think of the future as a distant planet, something so far away and alien that it’s too hard to comprehend.

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