Time is running out to save the planet, scientists warn

15,000 scientists from around the world have co-signed an article highlighting the urgent actions that must be taken to avoid irreversible harm to the Earth.

The dark side of cooling

The unintended consequences of refrigeration and freezing technology is the topic of this year’s Harrison Lecture.

Diversity helps combat parrot virus

Genetic diversity of Australian parrots affects their chances of contracting a common but deadly virus.

Secrets of desert waterbirds revealed

Researchers have used satellites and surveys from light aircraft to unveil the unique breeding behaviour of an Australian waterbird.

Success stories for sea turtles

New research points to signs of recovery in global sea turtle populations thanks to long-term conservation efforts.

In their own words – Dr Alecia Bellgrove

“The lungs of the earth and a national treasure.” Is Dr Alecia Bellgrove really talking about the brown, slimy stuff left on the sand after high tide?

Body size matters in battle against extinction

New research has shown that extinction risk is the greatest for the world’s smallest and largest vertebrates

Baw Baw frog charms researchers in battle against extinction

Scientists are racing against time to save Victoria’s unique Baw Baw frog.

Big picture for marine data

A new online portal will give researchers access to valuable data collections about Victoria’s seafloor and coastal ecosystems.

Plastic bag ban not as simple as it seems

A Deakin expert on waste management has called for further research into the pros and cons of banning plastic supermarket bags.

Dingoes to the rescue?

Could dingoes be the answer to controlling the havoc red foxes wreak on native and domestic animal populations?

Bird calls lead to fame

Reciting Dr Seuss and imitating bird calls has led to national recognition for a Deakin behavioural ecologist.

Shining the spotlight on sustainability

A Deakin University researcher’s advocacy for sustainable agriculture and climate change action has led to an award for environmental leadership.

Immunologist continues research at renowned US cancer centre

A Deakin alumnus is undertaking world-leading research – with the help of zebrafish.

Turning blue jeans green

Jeans are the world’s most popular clothing item, but they come with a hefty price tag for the planet.

Are we re-domesticating the wolf?

A new paper examines how the reliance of large predators on human-provided food impacts on ecosystems, human-wildlife interactions and the genetic diversity of predator populations.

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