Teachers are key to girls’ self-perception

With the right strategies, teachers can significantly improve self-perception, motor competence and, ultimately, physical activity in teenage girls.

Deakin program helps kids with disabilities hit the dancefloor

Deakin program helps kids with disabilities hit the dancefloor

Hundreds of children with disabilities around the nation are set to have support to participate in dance.

Stepping into space: what are our ethical obligations?

Space exploration is a fascinating frontier for science, but do we need to consider its ethical, health and environmental implications?

Boost for PFAS research

Deakin researchers have been awarded funding for an ARC Special Research Initiative – the PFAS Remediation Research Program.

Graphics – key to science and maths success in schools

Developing diagrams and visual representations can lead to huge improvements in student performance and engagement in STEM subjects.

Free speech or public harm?

Recent actual and cancelled appearances by Steve Bannon raise questions about traditional approaches to knowledge generation.

Facts help overcome prejudice

Having more factual knowledge of Islam and contact with Muslims is linked to less prejudice against Muslims.

Digital games can educate, claims 3MT winner

A presentation on the educational value of digital games has seen PhD candidate Jarrod Hogan win this year’s Deakin 3MT crown.

Anniversary of conflict reveals more work to be done

One year on, a new book sheds light on the ongoing Myanmar Rohingya conflict.

Cobalt and the Congo? Disciplines unite for ethical renewable energy

Political scientists are working with engineers, chemists and other hard scientists at Deakin to achieve “ethically green” renewable energies.

Should social media accounts of the dead be deleted?

The decision of what to do with the digital remains of those who have passed away is likely to be faced by a growing number of us.

Life is good for young Australians

Feelings of greater connectedness, personal safety and a higher living standard are contributing to happier young Australian adults, a Deakin study has found.

Is it time to change the way we teach maths?

Mathematical reasoning has been neglected in Australian schools, but it is key to people's ability to be strategic throughout their lives.

Better support called for ex-prisoners

Engaged support networks are the key to helping ex-prisoners return to society.

New researchers on track for success

Two of the Alfred Deakin Institute’s newest research fellows are taking advantage of a unique opportunity open only to early career researchers.

Deakin-Nordic relations soar to new heights

A Deakin delegation to the University of Copenhagen and other European institutions has seen relationships strengthened and initiatives established.

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