Dingoes to the rescue?

Could dingoes be the answer to controlling the havoc red foxes wreak on native and domestic animal populations?

Bird calls lead to fame

Reciting Dr Seuss and imitating bird calls has led to national recognition for a Deakin behavioural ecologist.

Shining the spotlight on sustainability

A Deakin University researcher’s advocacy for sustainable agriculture and climate change action has led to an award for environmental leadership.

Immunologist continues research at renowned US cancer centre

A Deakin alumnus is undertaking world-leading research – with the help of zebrafish.

Turning blue jeans green

Jeans are the world’s most popular clothing item, but they come with a hefty price tag for the planet.

Are we re-domesticating the wolf?

A new paper examines how the reliance of large predators on human-provided food impacts on ecosystems, human-wildlife interactions and the genetic diversity of predator populations.

Tidal marshes exposed as massive carbon sinks

Australian tidal marshes have been found to contribute $37M annually in organic carbon storage.

Teabags to aid battle against climate change

Scientists are calling on citizen scientists around the world and the humble teabag in the battle against climate change.

Bigger not always better for birds

New research has found that the larger a bird’s bill, the longer they spend trying to snuggle it in against the cold.

Bird data leads to new findings

Ongoing research into the “fantastic phenomenon” of shorebird migration has revealed surprising information about the birds’ parenting habits.

Feral cats cause havoc on Australian wildlife

Managing feral cats needs to be a priority for the sake of our wildlife, says a Deakin ecologist.

Farming for the future

A Deakin PhD researcher is working hard on ways to lift crop yields, and farmers’ livelihoods.

Saving the ocean’s sentinels

A new crowdfunding campaign seeks to put the complex microbial world of penguins and the part it plays in penguin health, nutrition and physiology under the microscope.

Nobel laureate lays out the facts on climate

Eminent US climate scientist Dr Russell Schnell has shared his climate data at a Deakin lecture.

Invasive predators: major cause of extinctions

Deakin ecologists have revealed the massive damage caused by invasive mammalian predators around the globe.

The air we breathe is not what it used to be

Eminent climate scientist, Dr Russell Schnell, will deliver a lecture at Waurn Ponds.

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