Academics’ voices ‘diminished’ in university governance

An education expert has studied the transformation of academic governance in western countries.

Should Indigenous landscape destruction be renamed?

A Deakin researcher has argued that iconoclasm – the destruction of religious images and icons – also applies to sacred landscapes.

‘Tall Poppy’ for Deakin ADHD researcher

Dr Emma Sciberras has been honoured in this year’s ‘Young Tall Poppy’ Science Awards.

New avenue for international research collaboration

Deakin’s Cotutelle program is offering PhD students the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Geelong’s creative metamorphosis captured on film

Deakin researchers will document Geelong’s transformation from an industrial past to a new era of creativity.

Royal Society of Chemistry honour for Deakin chemist

Professor Neil Barnett is the 2017 Royal Society of Chemistry Australasian Lecturer.

A week to celebrate research

Maggots and their microbe friends will be the topic of this year’s Harrison Lecture, held as part of Barwon Health and Deakin University Research Week 2016.

Food justice for asylum seekers

Research shows that many asylum seekers on bridging visas in Victoria are literally starving in the midst of plenty in the “Lucky Country.”

National recognition for top female researchers

The reputation of Deakin’s women researchers continues to grow, as a financial economist and anthropologist from the University have received two of only 12 national “Women in Research” Citation Awards.

Poets find their metre at Deakin

Professor David McCooey, who has launched his fourth volume of poetry, has become a beacon in Geelong's literary scene.

Gender balance creates better boards, claims Deakin expert

Accounting and Finance Professor Ferdinand Gul says research can play a key role in improving corporate board gender balance.

AFL umpires usually get it right, researchers find

A Deakin honours researcher has found that AFL umpires make the correct decision most of the time.

Time for a united front in battle against Islamophobia

Australia’s political leaders should condemn Islamophobic rhetoric, claims a Deakin expert.

Fairness and civility – key to avoiding burnout

One of the world’s foremost experts on job burnout/engagement has joined Deakin.

Arts research gains new impetus at Deakin

Motion.Lab SRC will provide a fertile breeding ground for diverse artists and arts researchers.

Royal Commission calls on interviewing experts

A report on soliciting evidence from complainants has been prepared for the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse.

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