Playing in the goals not so easy

A world-first study has ranked positions in elite netball according to required playing intensity.

Deakin celebrates: ARC Laureate Fellowship for Svetha Venkatesh

Deakin has gained a new ARC Laureate Fellow, a new Industrial Transformation Research Hub and two new Future Fellows in the latest round of ARC fellowships and projects.

Physical education researcher grabs global attention

A paper drafted in response to a YouTube post has become the “most downloaded” paper in a prestigious teaching journal.

The evidence for influence

Deakin researchers have confirmed that the role vested interests play in the development of alcohol policy is large and influential.

How far can your shoes run?

Research data on the durability of running shoes challenges a common assumption.

Printed books still draw youth in the digital era

Despite being a tech-savvy generation, research finds that adolescents still prefer print books.

Museums pioneer new approach to ethnicity

Australian museums are using empathy to challenge assumptions about ethnic identities.

Poet comes full circle

An invitation to an international poetry festival will see a Deakin writer travel to the land of magical realism.

News in the place where you belong

Local news is still important in an evolving media environment.

Remembrance and the teaching of memory

In the midst of ANZAC Day commemorations, a timely paper explores the role of digital technologies in how we think about war and peace.

Art, play and science – innovator joins the threads

Notable science writer and artist Margaret Wertheim is exploring the interconnections between arts, maths and science for her Deakin PhD.

Theory of evolution leads to new cancer approach

A world-first book combining evolutionary ecology and oncology aims to improve cancer prevention and therapies.

Why China’s propaganda strategy in Tibet has failed

Professor John Powers has investigated China’s tactics and revealed the limits of propaganda.

Australia Award for Deakin research partner

An Indian diabetes disease-biology expert who works closely with Deakin has won a prestigious Australian Government Award.

Barry Jones reflects on the modern condition

Australian Living Treasure, the Hon Barry Jones AC, has delivered a thought-provoking speech at the Harrison Lecture for Innovation.

The Women’s Ride

A Deakin researcher is driving initiatives to encourage female cyclists.

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