Future fibres hub launched at Deakin

Geelong’s manufacturing past is heading into a new era led by future fibres technology.

Chemistry researcher illuminates low-cost diagnosis at Harvard

Neil Archbold Travel Award recipient Emily Kerr is collaborating with Harvard experts for the final part of her PhD.

High-tech meets opera: perfect fit for surrealist classic

Deakin and Opera Victoria have pushed the technological boundaries in an Australian premiere.

‘Hero’ robots step up for better surgery

Haptically-enabled robots are set to save lives and improve treatment in a new era of surgical care.

Resins shape future for composites

Deakin’s new composite materials professor says improved resins will define the next generation of carbon composites.

Ozbot Raider to improve defence training

A robotic mobile target system will achieve improved accuracy in armed force training.

New lab drives ‘Ultimate’ in high tech

The Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Lab is gearing up with many industry collaborations.

3D binding the future for snowboarders

An engineering student has been named a finalist in the Young Australian Design Awards.

Prosthetics first marks 3D printing milestone

Deakin University researcher Dr Mazher Mohammed has helped to make a dream come true for an Australian woman who lost her left ear in a car crash 55 years ago, when she was only 15.

VR captures last of the early ‘dark rides’

For over a century, a ride on a ghost train or amusement park river cave was a highlight of our childhoods, but very few of the early “dark rides” remain

Plasma researcher on the bubble

Deakin scientist Dr Jane Dai and her team have developed a game-changing technique for creating liquid plasma.

Deakin to lead Secondary STEM Catalysts project

Thirty Victorian schools will build STEM engagement through a Deakin program.

Ultrasound robots go the distance

Australians may soon be able to undergo ultrasound diagnostics from remote locations, thanks to world first robotics technology.

iHosp spin-off prepares to launch app

A Geelong big data innovation looks set to have a big future in streamlining hospital processes and, ultimately, improving patient care.

Dancing a Duet with Virtual Reality

Art and artificial intelligence come together in an interactive installation.

New product mimics the real thing

The collaborative research partnership between Deakin University and HeiQ Australia has delivered its first commercial product to market.

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