Kon Mouzakis against a yellow background with half a VR headset on his face.

Virtual Dementia

Dementia currently affects 50 million people worldwide and is predicted to increase to over 130 million people by 2050.

A purple pipette dropping solution into a tray of test tubes.

Highlighting women in STEMM: Dr Vina Tan

In Australia, women comprise only 17 per cent of the STEMM-qualified population.

A woman holding a cup that has the words 'like a boss' on it.

Changing tides – the future of work

The world of work is changing, are you ready?

ASCEND: Road to WSC 2021 – Episode 4

We've just gone and built an automotive company.

What to do with data when we die?

There will come a point where the dead will outnumber the living digitally. Do we have a responsibility to memorialise the dead online?

A digital mock up of the ACCIONA solar car.

ASCEND: Road to WSC 2021 – Episode 3

Explore how ACCIONA is contributing to building sustainable relationships and communities.

A keyboard lit up in red neon.

Consumer spyware and its effect on domestic abuse

Spyware has the potential to reveal personal and sensitive information from an individual's phone.

A hand holding Tinder on a smart phone with a wall in the background.

Swipe right for love

The range of ways we can meet have has dramatically increased. Is human connection undergoing change?

Prof. Stefan Greuter – Treating ambliopia with VR

Can VR lend itself to the treatment of Ambliopia?

A group of people walking across the street.

Building a world for humans, with humans

Not all research is created equal. Or so some ministers in government would have you believe.

Low angle shot of solar panels and the sky during the day

ASCEND: Road to WSC 2021 – Episode 2

Throughout this process, students will work on all facets of the project from engineering, design, to how much food they will need during the race.

Solar panels in a grid lined up

ASCEND: Road to WSC 2021

Ideation, prototyping and everything inbetween.

3D roll forming

Transport sector on a roll with Deakin technology

A breakthrough process developed by Deakin University researchers is set to reduce the cost of manufacturing super-strength products.

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