Research with a difference for reproductive health

Earthquakes and border blockades are uncommon barriers to completing a PhD, but a Deakin researcher has overcome them both.

Lab variations impact animal research

How much do test results vary between different laboratories, and how much does it matter? I

Islet transplantation: positive step for people with type 1 diabetes

Professor Jane Speight has spoken on the benefits and issues of islet cell transplantation at the world’s leading diabetes conference.

Supporting survivors and carers – vital to cancer care

team of Deakin researchers is seeking ways to improve support for cancer survivors and their carers.

Grant smooths way for silk eardrum trials

A major grant from the Wellcome Trust will allow researchers to take Deakin-designed silk eardrums to clinical trial.

The evidence for influence

Deakin researchers have confirmed that the role vested interests play in the development of alcohol policy is large and influential.

Positive spin on power of persuasion

A new study is seeking evidence that the power of supermarkets to influence our food choices can be used for good.

Filling the gaps in fisher health

An Australian-first survey hopes to provide the clearest picture yet of the health of workers in our commercial fishing industry.

Giving for a Better World

A school-based research project is exploring how generosity improves personal wellbeing.

Exercise good for the spine

A world-first study has shown that specific physical activity benefits the discs in our spines and may help to prevent and manage spinal pain.

New test to reveal pesticide exposure

A recent study provides new information that may help researchers monitor the effects of common agricultural chemicals on farmers’ health.

HIV discovery gives hope for better treatment

Researchers have found a new way to analyse the pieces that form HIV, paving the way for improved treatments that work to stop the virus developing in the human body.

Scientists discover pathway to malaria treatment

Medical researchers have discovered an effective new way to combat an infectious disease killer.

Autism research leads to start-up

A new company spun out of Deakin and The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health will explore the potential of promising new autism treatments.

Theory of evolution leads to new cancer approach

A world-first book combining evolutionary ecology and oncology aims to improve cancer prevention and therapies.

Centre for Research Excellence makes its mark in global obesity policy

A multidisciplinary, multi-university research team is influencing obesity and food policies around the world in the battle against obesity.

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