Health literacy key to prevention

A Deakin PhD student is demonstrating how health literacy research can improve healthcare delivery.

VicHealth Award for Deakin supermarket research

Innovative marketing is encouraging shoppers to make healthier food choices.

Step forward for Deakin-China partnership

Deakin medical students will gain clinical experience in China under a new agreement with a leading Chinese university.

Diabetes screening to reduce risk

Deakin researchers are playing a key role in one of the largest pharmacy trials undertaken in Australia.

Is the secret to beating flu fast inside ourselves?

New Deakin research has found our bodies could naturally hold the key to a speedy recovery from flu.

Breaking a salty habit

Scientists have uncovered the exact reasons behind salt’s addictive nature.

Game changing approach to children and sport

Deakin researchers and the AFL are working together to improve children’s access to sport.

Fruitful study into new schizophrenia treatment

It is a delicious tropical fruit, but the mangosteen may have an additional benefit – reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Deakin University receives over $8 million in research funding

Nineteen Deakin-led projects and awards have been funded in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) Scheme Awards.

Combatting obesity: NHMRC Early Career Fellows try new angles

Infants and young women are the targets for two new anti-obesity research projects.

Small cost for big improvements in PTSD treatment

Deakin health economists have found that many people with PTSD are not receiving appropriate treatment.

VR app comes to the aid of dementia carers

Software engineers have created an immersive experience to build empathy for carers of people with dementia.

Prestigious fellowship for Deakin public health expert

Professor Kylie Ball has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

Research shows dads are plating up

Adam Walsh, a 2016 Neil Archbold Travel Award recipient, has investigated the influence of fathers on their children’s diets.

Exercise pill offers new hope for treating heart disease

opping a pill that makes your body think it has exercised could soon be possible.

Food poisoning: researchers take aim at chicken pathogen

An industry grant will allow medical researchers to work on reducing the risk of food poisoning.

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