change makers
The Northern lights captured against the night sky.


Knowledge you get from being in the world.

Prof. Stefan Greuter – Treating ambliopia with VR

Can VR lend itself to the treatment of Ambliopia?

view of the beach on top of a mountain

Jaya Kelvin – Protecting our coasts

Can seas grass and mangroves protect our coasts?

Blue plate with sliced strawberries on table

Change Makers – Dr. Rebecca Leech

A love of learning and an interest in nutrition - that's what has brought Associate Professor Rebecca Leech here.

People crossing the street in the city

Change Makers – A/Prof Eben Kirksey

Power, culture and history - this is Anthropology.

Change Makers – Dr. Darius Nahavandi

Can we remove risk from labour intensive industries?

man wearing black future glasses

Change Makers – Julie Iskander

Can virtual reality identify a relationship between your eyes and your mental state?

a lake reflecting grass with sunset

Change Makers – Katy Limpert

Globally, wetlands can hold 1.6 giga tons of carbon per year - about 6 million blue whales worth!

monitoring screen detecting heart rate and pulse

Change Makers – Michelle Keske

Did you know that 80% of type 2 diabetes patients will suffer from a heart attack or a stroke?

Person wearing vr mask looking surprised

Change Makers – Dr Michael Mortimer

"Each day, I learn something new," Dr Michael Mortimer talks us through his research in the exciting world of virtual reality.

Change Makers – John Sherwood

Deep ocean research and time on small boats in estuaries, Honorary Associate Professor John Sherwood's research is as eclectic as it sounds.

black and white woman looking at a building across the river

Change Makers – Cassandra Atherton

Prose poetry, the sublime and Dante's Inferno on Earth - Associate Professor Cassandra Atherton gives us insight into research in Writing and Literature.

two people going for a run in the morning

Change Makers – Steve Fraser

What can exercise provide for those undergoing treatment for cancer?

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