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The appointment of Dr Adrian Panow as Director, Deakin Energy, marks a new phase in Deakin’s commitment to the energy sector.

Deakin has become the first Australian university to take a university-wide approach to energy research activities.

“The Deakin Energy initiative acknowledges that the contemporary challenges in energy are multifaceted,” said Dr Adrian Panow, Director of Deakin Energy.

In this new role, Dr Panow will position Deakin as a preferred partner for industry and government in the delivery of innovative solutions to the sustainable energy supply challenges facing modern society.

[testimonial_text]The initiative brings together Deakin researchers in a collaborative network to address industry and government-identified issues – allowing us to respond to opportunities that no single group could. Existing and new stakeholders are already acknowledging the benefits of this approach. The research expertise at Deakin spans energy generation (electricity, gas, wind, solar and others), energy storage, engineering, distribution, energy demand management, cyber security and the economic policy and regulatory frameworks that affect energy systems.[/testimonial_text]
[testimonial_picture name=”Dr Adrian Panow” details=”Director of Deakin Energy”]
Dr Adrian Panow[/testimonial_picture]

Dr Panow has over 20 years of experience as a senior executive and advisor in the resources, agriculture, manufacturing and renewable energy fields across government, private and research sectors.

He has no doubt that the world’s future energy needs will be supplied by a mix of sustainable sources and that universities will continue to play a central role in their development and commercialisation.

“Whilst there is still substantial debate on national policy and directions, states are taking the initiative to drive change,” he said.

“Whether this is economically efficient can be debated. The effect, however, is dramatic acceleration towards integration of new technologies, reduction in costs and development of new regulatory frameworks and commercial models. All areas where Deakin can apply existing expertise to develop new research programs and train employees of the future.”

To make Deakin Energy successful, Dr Panow will draw on his substantial experience in energy and other sectors. Career highlights include his work as a Strategic Advisor to the Silicon Valley-based Terrajoule Corporation – providing strategic advice on energy markets and business opportunities for the company’s large-scale solar generation and energy storage technology. Terrajoule’s distributed energy system integrates concentrated solar and efficient steam engines to deliver cost-effective electricity 24 hours a day.

As the Director, Energy Investment and Programs, for the Victorian Government, he led a team to advance private sector investment in electricity generation from natural gas, wind and solar, as well as energy efficiency programs. He also took on the role of Project Director for the $100 million Victorian “Large Scale Solar Project,” from policy development to contract. “Having to create and deliver industry policy, engage with communities and participate in renewable energy project delivery are skills that form a link between Deakin and our stakeholders,” he noted.

“The energy issues facing society are global – and the economic opportunities are global. The solutions we develop at Deakin could equally be applied in Asia, North America and beyond.

“I will deliver value to Deakin through my extensive networks within industry and government. I can also assist the research groups to engage with industry and government on the broader problems that require a diversity of knowledge. Research excellence, a proven ability to deliver and great enthusiasm exhibited by everyone I’ve met points to Deakin Energy being very successful.”

Published by Deakin Research 17 August 2017

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