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Our future entwined – robots are coming

Our future entwined – robots are coming

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Autonomous vehicles, robot-assisted rehabilitation, robot companions… A world where robots are common-place is just around the corner. In fact, technology is no longer the limiting factor. Haptics pioneer Associate Professor James Mullins says the limitations today are more to do with ideas and inspiration than technical capacity.

An applied robotics engineer and entrepreneur, James is based within Deakin University’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation. He tells Larni where we can expect to see robots in the near future and discusses the social and ethical implications of AI, suggested by Isaac Asimov’s “three laws of robotics” (1942), which still influence thought on ethics and robots.

After building robots for security, medical, industrial and other uses, James has achieved spectacular success with his haptic firefighter training tool, FLAIM Trainer. The VR system gives firefighters all the sensations of fighting a fire – including force kickback and heat – in a safe environment. It has been embraced by emergency services globally and led to a spin-out company FLAIM Systems (with James Mullins as CEO), which was recently named “Small Business Exporter of the Year” at the Victorian Governor’s Export Awards.

Prepare to glimpse the future.

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